Child Portrait
The Experience
The Child Portrait Experience
Every single moment of your child’s life is precious. Capturing your child at 3, 7 10 and 13, or any of the years in between are all so incredibly important because you will never have her at that age again. And before you know your baby will be all grown up.
Child portrait sessions are customized to capture your unique child and create a portrait that is genuine to who they are. Each session is stylized and customized to you, the client and your little one with the goal to create some beautiful printed portraits.
A child portrait session are done from 1 to 15 years of age. Each session is customized and stylized. Girls have the option of using our studio dress collection and boy’s outfits will be discussed before the session.
There are a few types of sessions you can choose for a regular child portrait session; the All About Me Portrait Session, the Peas in a Pod Sibling Portrait Session, A Family Portrait Session, Birthday Portrait Session and the Fairytale Dreams Session. (all of these should be hyperlinked).
Any of these sessions follow the same studio process.
  • Pre-Consultation – Normally done over the phone, this is where you have an opportunity to tell about your little one(s), what their interests are, talk about colour and style and where I get an idea of your style. From this call I will plan put the session and what I the images will look like.
  • Shooting the Session. Each session will come with a few looks and styles for your child(ren). Most sessions are shot in studio with a few backgrounds and then the last setup is done outside.
  • In Person Review and Ordering Appointment. After a week or so parents will come into the studio for the in person review and ordering appointment. Together we will review the images and will make recommendations how best to display them. This is when you will have a chance to touch and feel all the sample prints and products and choose the look and feel that you love. It is important to note that all images, including digitals images.
Child Portrait Fees and Investment.
The session fee for a child only is $195. It is $300 for a full family shoot.
  • Preconsult and Session Planning –
    Normally done over the phone where we talk about style, colour outfits, theme and preparation.
  • Professional Hair and Makeup if the full family option is chosen.
  • Use of the studio gowns or wardrobe.
  • Creative Photography Session
  • Profession retouching and artistic image editing.
  • In person review and ordering appointment.
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Artist & Studio
Francine Bishun
Francine Bishun, is an award winning fine art portrait photographer and owner of the studio Francine B Photography, which specializes portrait work. Francine’s specializes in Maternity, Newborn, Children, Family, Glamour and Boudoir. Francine B Photography is an established studio that operates on a full time basis and whose studio focuses primarily on stylized customized sessions with the goal to create wall portraits or printed heirloom style display products. With nearly 15 years of photography experience, award winning, Fine Art Portrait Photography, Francine Bishun, has changed the face of the Fine Art Portrait Experience. She is passionate about creating timeless beautiful portraits of people of all ages.
Awards, Designations & Memberships
  • Diploma in Photographic Techniques with Honours – Humber College
  • WPPI International Awards – Silver Designation
  • RISE AWARDS - Silver Medals
  • WPPI International Membership
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Francine is also the owner of Francine B Glam which specializes in Adult Glam & Boudoir Portraits and Ax4 Media which specializes in photography and videography for Weddings, Corporate and Private Events.
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